Emotional Designs and Psychology for Designers

May 19 | 10AM - 1PM (Saturday)

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About the session

3 Takeaways from the "Latest Avenger infinity war movie" to UX Designers?

Takeaway 1: Absolutely nothing
Takeaway 2: Absolutely nothing
Takeaway 3: Absolutely nothing

If you have captivated the title then you are already the victim of the 100s of medium articles which relates everything and anything on the earth to UX, you know we could also make something up with Hulk and Black Panther to UX but we are Madrasters, and we believe to true sharing of honest thought.

Seven years of Madrasters meetup has always bought to you topics way ahead before the title becomes the trend, in the same lineup this time we present to you the most important part of Human Life "Emotion."Even the multi-Million hit movie " Bahubali" is based on simple human emotions, I think many won't disagree if I say Jallikattu Movement was an emotional outburst from a group of young people, Even the basic idea of the next trending hashtag or emoticon or gif are the outcomes of emotions,

So whats with this "emotion"?
what can designers do to un-tap human emotions?
How is it anyway going to help?
Yes, All about "Emotions" and not just that.

As when you talk about emotions, you cannot ignore the machine and the science behind it, The first step in creating a design that connects with the intended audience is to understand that audience for that you need to deep comprehend of the human brain and human behavior which is called "PSYCHOLOGY."

Come on May 19 to participate and in a Thiruvizha of conversations, debate, and learnings with your likeminded people who are going to not lecture but share their thought about "EMOTIONAL DESIGN & PSYCHOLOGY FOR DESIGNERS"

Who should attend?
  • Full Stack Designers: 0 - 4 Years
  • Graphic Designers: 0 - 4 Years
  • Visual/Graphic Artists: 0 - 3 Years
  • Creative Artists: 0 - 3 Years
  • UI Designers: 0 - 4 Years
  • Product (Physical) Designers: 0 - 4 Years
  • Website Designers: 0 - 4 Years
  • Interaction Designers: 0 - 4 Years
  • UX Designers: 0 -3 Years
  • CX Designers: 0 -2 Years
  • Interior Designers: 0 -3 Years
  • DTP Designers: 0 - 5 Years
  • Front-end developers: 0 - 3 Years
  • Communication Designers: 0 - 4 Years
  • Fashion Designers: 0 - 4 Years
  • 2D /3D Animator: 0 - 3 Years

Session Level: Basic to intermediate.

Others: Non Designers or any Design enthusiasts and the believer in designs can attend this session.


Sesha is a Self taught designer with the perk to travel alone or together with like minded folks. Basically a sea food lover but never says no to try other varieties. Sesha strongly believes that, the travel, the food, everything around him has emotional design incorporated in it. Come lets discuss about it.

Jeevan Siva, 7+ yr experienced designer. currently works as product designer at Report Bee a leading ed-tech company in India. He’s also founding members of Madrasters. Currently Jeevan pursuing Masters in psychology at Madras university distance education.

  • Design Activity
    10.00 AM to 10.35 AM
  • Psychology for Designers - Jeevan
    10.35 AM - 11:10 AM
  • Break (Design Mentor will be available for design help and networking)
    11:10 AM - 11:30 AM
  • Lime Light Sessions
    11:30 AM - 11:40 AM
  • Emotional Design - Sesha
    11:40 AM - 12:15 PM
  • Highlights & Closing note.
    12:15 PM - 12: 25 PM
  • Networking (Design Mentor will be available for design help and networking)
    12:25 PM - 01:00 PM

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