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Master the Art of Design Systems! 

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Are you ready to unlock the art of design consistency and efficiency and dive into design components with industry experts?

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Get ready for an enhanced Learning Journey with Madraster’s workshop.

Keep reading, as we have a lot to offer for all you design enthusiasts through this workshop.

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this workshop? 

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Are you interested in learning the ins and outs of design systems? 


Are you keen on knowing how you can use design systems to level up your projects? 


Do you want to alleviate knowledge of design resources and components? 

If you answered 'yes' to these questions, this workshop is perfect for you! 

What you’ll get out
of this workshop

You’ll get to learn

  1. Atomic Design Principles

    Discover the systematic approach of Atomic Design in crafting design systems.

  2. Design System Maintenance

    Understand the strategies to sustain and evolve a design system, ensuring its lasting impact.

  3. Mastering Component Libraries and Navigating Design System

    Learn the art of creating robust component libraries and the strategic approach to implementing a design system effectively.

You’ll get to leave with

  1. Problem-Solving with Design Systems

    You’ll be equipped with practical problem-solving skills through the application of design systems in design and development.

  2. Understanding Design Systems

    You’ll unlock a deep understanding of design systems and their significance.

  3. Best Practices and Actionable Insights

    You'll gain valuable insights, practical advice, and industry best practices to excel in designing effective systems.

Here’s a bonus point: Your inspiration and confidence to build or enhance design systems for your projects will soar after this workshop. 

we'll cover

You are going to sign up for the ultimate Design System Workshop – where creativity meets understanding in the most exciting way possible! 

Gain a comprehensive understanding of everything with the ultimate collaborative tool, Figma. Ensure your laptops are equipped with the tool on the day of the workshop and we can immediately dive into the topics we'll get to explore

  • Unveiling the working of Figma Design Systems: We're here to demystify everything – from those interesting concepts to the practical applications. Whether you're a design enthusiast or just getting started, our workshop will have you navigating the design system like a pro.

  • Hands-on experience: Theory is great, but what's even better? Getting hands-on experience, of course! Our workshop is all about learning by doing.

By the time this workshop concludes, you'll not only understand the ins and outs of the design systems but also be able to design one on your own.

See you at the workshop!

know your speakers

Ayyappan R,

Senior Manager – Experience

With a profound passion for user experience and a strong drive for success, Ayyappan is a dedicated User Experience Designer who consistently strives to create products that not only resonate with people but also deliver strong business value. Over the years, he has honed their skills and expertise to specialize in crafting business-centric products that excel in providing exceptional user experiences.

By combining industry insights with creative problem-solving skills, he knows the art of crafting compelling product experiences that drive user satisfaction.

Ganesh M,

Senior Manager - Experience.

Ganesh is a passionate product designer with over a decade of experience crafting seamless user experiences for B2C and B2B products. He possesses rich experience in leading multiple design efforts from end-to-end and delivering engaging digital experiences efficiently, collaborating with multi-disciplinary teams.

He specializes in 0-1 product design, with a keen interest in experimenting and transforming ideas into products. He truly believes in business-centric UX design and ensures that his design solutions align with business goals and user needs. His thirst to learn and explore various disciplines and verticals offers him a competitive edge to deeply understand business, research & design, communication, and functionality, which in turn helps him deliver products that are impactful.

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